Coffee Grounds Used As Fertilizer

In a previous post I had made mention of using coffee grounds in your garden.  In this post I will be going in more details of how to use  the coffee grounds as a mulch and fertilizer.

In the past few years your local coffee shops have started to put out bags of used coffee grounds.  Composting coffee grounds is a great way of using up something that would end up in the trash can.

Used coffee grounds helps to add nitrogen to your compost. pile.  By now you should know about composting.  Coffee filters can also be used  as well to add to your compost.

Keep in mind that the used coffee grounds will need to be balanced with some brown compost.  Have you ever heard of green and brown compost material? Well, let me tell you the difference.

BROWN  COMPOST  are materials that consists of dry or woody plant material.  Brown materials consist of:-  Dry leaves,  wood chips, straw, sawdust, corn stalks, newspaper..   These brown materials are the source of carbon in your compost.

GREEN COMPOST  are materials that are mainly wet or  growing materials and are of green materials, but not all the time they are green.  Some materials are like food scraps,  grass clippings,  coffee grounds and manure.  The green materials supply most of the nutrients that will make  compost very good for your garden.

Okay back to the Coffee Grounds.  Using the coffee grounds as fertilizer  raise the acid level of  the soil which makes  it very good for acid loving plants.

Mixing Coffee Grounds With Soil

The best way to use coffee grounds as a fertilizer is to work the coffee grounds into the soil around your plants.  Using the coffee grounds in the garden helps to keep away slugs and snails from your plants.  The caffeine affects these pests in a negative way that they cant come near it.

Cats always like to use your garden as a litter bed.The coffee grounds on the soil will help to keep them away.

I hope that the few ideas I have given you about how you can use used coffee grounds in your garden will be of substantial use to you and HAPPY SPRING PLANTING.

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