I was talking to my friend one day when she started to complain about these constant headaches that she have always been having and that left her feeling very irritable and miserable. I asked her if she had ever tried using essential oils.  She looked very puzzled and asked me what was that all about. Apparently she never heard about these oils. She started asking me questions, so as a user of essential oils myself, I tried to explain the healthy uses of these oils.

Keep on reading to know what I told her:-

Essential oils are concentrated non-water soluble made from different parts of plants such as , leaves, roots, and flowers.  Thousands of years ago these plants were used to treat various illnesses, but for some reason in todays modern society the touch of wisdom of past generations was lost,but in recent years  these old age remedy seems to regain their popularity.

I also advised her that these oils can be dangerous to the human body if they are consumed internally.  That is a no! no! These oils only need to be used in small amounts, for a few drops will work whether topically or aromatically. There are two ways in which these oils can be used, either by using a diffuser or on the skin. She was so anxious to hear the names of the different oils so I advised her about the different types of oils that can be used for daily healthy activities.

Oils For Healthy Living.

PEPPERMINT:-  This is an oil which I dearly love because of its aroma. Whenever you suffer from nausea or a fever ,put a few drops of this oil in a pot of steaming water and breathe in the steam to open up the sinuses. Using a diffuser with a few drops added to water is very good for headaches,and let your mind feel more focus,  You can also rub it at the back of your neck to help with the headaches.

LAVENDER:-  This is a very popular oil, probably because of its lovely scent.  It can be used for skin-care and also to give you a sense of calmness.  It can also be added to your bath water to help you relax at nights and get a good night sleep.

LEMON,LIME & ORANGE:-  These oils are called Citrus Oils .  They can be used as astringents, antiseptics and also to stimulate the immune system.  They are very uplifting and cleansing.  If you happen to use any of these on your skin try to avoid the sun.  These oils make your skin more sensitive to direct sunlight.

FRANKINCENSE:-  This is a very old oil that was used back in those ancient days. If you know anyone who have problems with thyroid this oil can be used to rub the thyroid and it helps to shrink the modules that were forming.

ROSEMARY:-  Adding a drop of this oil into your shampoo helps to increase hair growth and the health of the scalp.

OREGANO:-  This is not one of my favorite oil because of its scent but the medicinal use of it is very important so that covers the scent. This oil is very good for athletes feet by diluting it with coconut oil and rubbing between the toes. It can be used for ringworm and also to remove warts. Many of us as we get older, start to have joint pains and sore muscles. This oil when diluted is very good by just rubbing it on to the affected areas,

These are just a few of the essential oils that are very good for an effective healthy everyday lifestyle.

When essential oils are used safely they are great natural remedies.


Essential oils must not be used on babies, children, pregnant and nursing mothers.  For nursing mothers, essential oil tends to decrease the flow of breast milk.

My friend was very happy to hear all about these essential oils especially the peppermint and lavender essential oils which will help her headaches and anxiety attacks.  A few days after I got a call from her thanking me very much for telling her about these oils.  She had bought the peppermint and lavender oils and she was very satisfied with the results. Her headaches were not completely gone but they had reduced so much that she was feeling like a new person.  Also using the lavender oil had made her less stressed and no anxiety attacks, even sleeping better.

Okay, now dont be afraid to try these essential oils, there is no danger once you use them safely. I can tell you that these oils have helped me to be more focused, less stressed and sleeping better. I know that you wont regret trying essential oils for health benefits.


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