In all my life  I had thought that Shaving Cream was mostly used by men to shave.  I was doing some researching for my blogging recently when I came across the article that  shaving cream can be used as a cleaner in the house.  I was so surprised that I immediately took my husband shaving cream and started to clean the furniture with it.  The result was excellent, so I decided to write a post about shaving cream uses.

GLASS  CLEANER;-    Apply the Shaving Cream on especially on your bathroom mirror to keep mirror from fogging.  Cover the entire mirror with shaving cream and then wipe off with paper towel.  The cream can also be used on glass-doors and windshields.

SPOT  CLEANING;-   After using your oven you might have some stain spots left in your oven.  Put some shaving cream on the spots and then rub with a damp cloth.

NAIL POLISH CLEANER;-  Ladies , here is an easy way out to get off nail polish off your hands after painting your finger nails.   Rub the shaving cream on any nail polish  marks that are left on your hands and they will disappear very quickly.   DO NOT RUB CREAM ON POLISHED NAILS.

CARPET STAIN CLEANER;-   On a damp sponge put some a small amount of shaving cream and rub the stained spot.  Leave overnight and in the morning it will be dry. You may vacuum the dry mess or use a dry paper towel to clean it up.  Wow! your carpet is looking so good again.

SUNBURNS;-  Rub shaving cream on the burn spots and this will also help to relieve the pains that you might be feeling as a result of the sunburn.

SQUEEKY   DOORS?:-  If you are having problems with your doors making those squeeky noisy sounds, rub a small amount of shaving cream on the inside of the hinges and those annoying sounds will be gone.  If you think you need a little more cream on them you may add some more.

Now that you have learnt about the different uses of Shaving Cream I know you will be very anxious to try it. I know that you wont be disappointed, so good luck and happy cleaning




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