In the Caribbean countries green onions are called escallion. If you happen to visit the Caribbean countries and hear the natives talk about escallion , its the same thing as green onions.  These green onions are  known in some circles as spring onions too.  I dont know about you but as a housewife I just cant do without my green onions.  The  distinctive flavor helps to give the Caribbean dishes its outstanding taste.  Without these green onions ,my soups and stews would not taste the way I want them to taste.

I love to grow plants in water. Its like a natural thing to me watching these plants growing in water.  Coming home from the stores one day and packing out my stuffs which included green onions of course, I told myself that I am going to try growing some of my green onions in water. I got a glass jar and put a couple of the stalks in water and set it on my kitchen counter.  I was always watching to see what would happen but these plants keeping hiding from me so as not to see when the roots were growing.  About three days after,  I saw what appeared to be roots popping out from the stalks.  Each morning the roots get taller and the leaves looked fresher and stronger.  I kept watching them for about two weeks and then I was convinced that my green onions can grow in water.  I was so excited to see the young leaves taking their time to grow that I felt it was a miracle.

As I had said in another post before, growing plants in water is very easy and dont let your hands get soiled.  When plants are planted in the earth they get their nutrients from the soil, the water do not have nutrients so I have to buy the nutrients from the store to put into the water.  It is best to change the water every two weeks so that it does not become stale.  You can also put a tiny bit of charcoal in it to keep the water looking clean.

My kitchen now is looking very appealing especially with a new member added to my water garden and an unusual plant [ green onions].  Not only as a decoration bu you can always break the older leaves to cook with for there are always young leaves coming up.


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